5 Best Redmi Themes Free Download for MIUI & HyperOS

redmi themes free download

Xiaomi’s MIUI & HyperOS are the best UI in terms of customization in the smartphone world. Here in the Xiaomi UI, we can find a lot of pre-customized and customizable features that make it one of the Best UIs in the world. But also we can find a lot of downside to it. Anyway, if you are searching for the Best Redmi Themes for free Download, then here are some top options we have mentioned.

Best Redmi Themes Free Download for MIUI & HyperOS

You Can get the Redmi Themes Download link here to give a decent and attractive experience to your phones. Redmi Themes are one of the well-customized/able themes for the All MIUI & New HyperOS Theme, which is useful for the better customization that we want. 

If you are bored with the same system default Themes and UI, then you can try out these fresh and unique themes for MIUI. Here we have prepared the list of some top and best Redmi Themes Download list for you provided by the Official Xiaomi Themes Store.

1. HyperUI v3 Redmi Theme with HyperOS Boot Animation

The new HyperOS of Xiaomi is beating the smartphone world these days. With the announcement and rolling out of the HyperOS Themes, Xiaomi fans are excited and keep on waiting for the updates on the roadmap. So, if you are the users of Redmi 12 Series and Xiaomi 12 series and newer then you are going to get the Official HyperOS Updates.

real x legacy

If not, don’t worry. Here, we have brought out the small minimal Inspired HyperOS Theme for Xiaomi Redmi Phones. This HyperUI v3 theme comes with a clean, minimal UI with the HyperOS boot animation logo, which looks really impressive.

Similarly, the lock screen is quite refreshing and looks to change with the Google pixel-inspired clock widgets. Also, the control center is impressive with the other minimal effects.

HyperUI v3 Redmi Themes Free Download 

2. REALMI_UI Redmi Theme with Realme Experience

We know that OPPO’s ColorOS and Realme’s RealmeUI are almost similar. Due to this, some Xiaomi users used to love the Realme Phones UI. So, if you are the one to love the Realme Phones UI then here you can try this cool RealmeUI Theme with the inspired app icons of the Realme Phones.

realme ui redmi themes download

Also, it’s one of the lightweight Realme Themes with the support of Global Animation. The support of cool app icons with the attractive lock screen makes it quite an impressive UI for your Xiaomi Phones.

Similarly, the main noticeable change in this Theme is its Control center. The Control corner of this Theme looks different, unique, and too colorful. So, if you love those color effects on the control center and minimal changes on their icon, you can go with this Theme.

REALMI_UI Redmi Themes Free Download

3. TIEK v2 Redmi Theme with Customizable Lockscreen

TIEK is a fully customizable lock screen MIUI Theme with a number of cool widgets on it. If you are searching for a Lockscreen theme, then you can try this beautiful Theme with minimal effects. Here, mainly, the lockscreen of this Theme is fully customizable, and you can able to add different clock widgets, wallpaper, color effects, change fonts, and many more.

redmi themes download

Also, the lock screen features the warm wallpaper with the proper adaption of the widgets. Yes, here you will be able to use the number of app widgets, which are really unremarkable. Anyway, the lock screen looks more premium and refreshing than other Xiaomi Themes for MIUI.

Similarly, this Theme has minimal changes over the Home screen. Also, it features a cool control center with minimal color effects. Overall, it’s another perfect MIUI Theme for Redmi.

TIEK v2 Redmi Themes Free Download

4. Bozkurt_2 Redmi Theme with iOS App Icons

Inspired by iOS, here you will get the attractive App Icons of the iPhone. Yes, if you do love the iPhone App Icons, then it’s one of the inspiring themes for your Redmi Phones. This Theme comes with the Cool Apple iPhone App Icons with colorful effects.

redmi themes free download

Also, it has attractive app widgets that look more premium and revamped. Here, the app widgets are more natural, with the rectangular cut on the edges. Also, the time and date widget placed on the Home screen is really amazing.

With these, all the minor changes over the control center and color effects make it one of the best Xiaomi Themes on our list. Mainly, the background intensity shown on the shortcuts app icons (in a drawer) looks more premium.

Bozkurt_2 Redmi Themes Download

5. ProMotion Redmi Theme with iPhone Style

ProMotion is an iPhone theme for Redmi featuring the iOS Experience. If you love the iPhone UI, then you can able to enjoy its experience in your Xiaomi MIUI & HyperOS. Promotion is one of the Best MIUI Themes with cool iPhone app icons, lock screen, and Home screen layout.

redmi themes download

In this Theme, you will be able to enjoy the best iPhone experience with the cool shaded features. Mainly, the System settings of your Xiaomi phone look more natural with this iPhone theme.

Also, the changes in the Control center basic features, App widgets, smart sidebar, etc., are really remarkable on this Theme. So, it’s one of the best iPhone Themes for MIUI we have provided you as of now.

Promotion iPhone Redmi Themes Free Download

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