6 Best Realme Themes for Realme UI Phones You Can Try in 2024

best realme themes

Realme UI is one of the topmost custom Android skins in smartphones. After Xiaomi’s MIUI, it’s one of the best and most customizable UIs users can customize based on their needs. Also, with the help of several Realme UI themes, you can give the best experience you need. So, for this, we have prepared the list of Best Realme Themes based on their customization and many other remarkable features.

6 Best Realme Themes that You Can Try in 2024

For all the Realme Fans, we are happy to announce that we have extended our limitation not only for the Xiaomi fans but also for the Realme Fans. From now on, this realxlegacy.com site will handle the updates of Realme Themes, too. So, here we are with the refreshing and best Realme UI Theme Download for your Realme Phones.

Finding the best Realme UI theme is time-consuming for many of us. The best Theme for Realme features a lightweight size, numerous customization features, the latest integration, and a smooth experience. So, if you are searching for these features-packed themes Realme (Best Theme for Realme), here are for you.

iOS 17 iOS Theme for Realme

realme ui theme download

iOS 17 is one of the coolest Realme UI themes that I have as of now. It’s one of the best Themes for Realme, featuring the iPhone-style lock screen and many more inspiring features. The lock screen with the clock widgets looks more premium on this Theme. It’s one of the Best Realme Themes with iPhone Experience.

Here, the time widgets, weather, and other minor widgets are impressive on this Theme. Also, the shortcuts of Camera and Light look handy to get easy access to this Theme. Additionally, you can add the custom lock screen of the time and the charging animation on this Theme.

With these all, this iOS 17 iOS Theme for Realme is far ahead in terms of the widgets. Yes, you can easily add the number of widgets here. Also, the app icons are inspired by the iPhone, which looks premium and gives a decent experience to any Realme Phone.

HyperOS Theme for Realme

hyper os theme for realme

HyperOS is the latest custom UI of Xiaomi Phones after MIUI. With this UI, Xiaomi has made it official for all the new Xiaomi phones. If you are excited about Xiaomi’s HyperOS, you will get some flavour and experience of this UI in your Realme UI.

This Realme UI Theme has an attractive lock screen like the iOS 17 theme. In this theme, we can also find attractive lock screen widgets with the proper control shortcut of Dialer and the Camera app. Also, the Home screen looks fantastic with this Theme. 

With all these, it’s one of the lightweight Realme theme downloads with a minimal iPhone-inspired experience. You can download these Realme Themes to give a decent experience to your Realme Phones.

UI 17 Realme Theme

ui 17 realme themes free download

UI 17 Realme Theme comes with a minimal dark background. In this Realme Theme, we can find attractive App icons with Minimal changes over the Lockscsreen and Homescreen. In this Theme, we can find the lock screen widgets with the super wallpaper.

Here, you can make changes over the lock screen with the cool custom widgets of Time and Date. The App Icons are also modified here to give you a better and more refreshing experience.

HIGO S1 Theme for Realme

higo s1 free themes for realme

HIGO S1 is one of the latest Realme UI themes. This theme has several shortcuts and app icons, making it quite different and impressive. Here, you can enjoy the cool animation with the refreshing App Iconsapp icons.

The Widgets placed in the Home and the Lockscreen of this Realme Theme is awesome. Here, we can add the number of widgets on this Theme. Also, the changes on the control center and the UI make it one of the Best Realme themes.

Dynamic OS 16 Realme UI Theme Download

dynamic os realme ui theme

Dynamic OS is a beautiful Realme Theme with an attractive design and customization options. Here, we can find the iOS Inspired app icons, which look impressive. Also, the other app icons are quite different from the default ones.

Besides, the background wallpapers and the app folders are easily customizable on this Theme. Here, you will enjoy minor changes to the phone system. Also, the Cool charging animation on the Lockscreen makes it one of the Best iOS Themes for Realme UI.

FuntouchOS 13 VIVO Theme for Realme

free themes for realme

Inspired by the VIVO official UI, this Theme has an attractive design and features. It’s one of the Best Themes for Realme, featuring the impressive app widgets on the lock screen. Here, it shows the number of shortcuts to easily access the useful features and apps from the lock screen.

Similarly, you will find a well-optimized experience here. With the use of cool app icons, the phone works fine and smoothly. Also, the minor changes on the control center give you some new experience in your daily usage of this Theme.

Additionally, like other Realme Themes, here you will find changes in the colour plates, widgets, icons displayed in your phone’s settings, and the Status bar icons.


Realme UI is a well-customized Custom UI in the Android world, like MIUI and HyperOS of Xiaomi. Realme allows developers to customize their UI for a decent experience and theme changes. So, why do you get the number of Themes for Realme Phones here?

Due to this, by fulfilling the different customization features, system changes, smoothness, and size, we have prepared some recommendations of Best Realme Themes for you. Hope you will find the best one above.

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