10 Best Themes for MIUI & HyperOS [Best Theme MIUI for your Xiaomi Phones]

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Xiaomi fans are one of the lucky fans in the world to get the well-customizable Skin in their phones. With a lot of customization options and other pre-customized features and a lot of freemium themes, fonts, wallpapers, and many more, they are likely to explore the best customizable experience in Mobile World. So, with this incent we have prepared a list of some Best Themes for MIUI and the New HyperOS of Xiaomi Phones. 

In this blog post, we are going to suggest the top fresh and trending Themes MIUI, like HyperOS inspired themes, which we have been waiting for on our phones. Okay, let’s send you some more time to find your beautiful one from this mentioning. I mean, let’s get into the Themes for MIUI here now.

10 Best Themes for MIUI 11, 12, 13, 14 & New HyperOS

Whether your Phone will/not get the new HyperOS Updates, here we have prepared a beautiful list of MI Themes that add some flavour to your Phones to explore something new it. We all know Xiaomi is well known for their valuable budget phones at the reasonable price. So, due to this, Xiaomi fans are higher in southeast Asia, holding the top position by China, Then India and Nepal. By targeting the users of Xiaomi Phones here, we have tried to find out and present you with the Best Theme for MI Phones, whether it’s your MIUI or New HyperOS.

1. HyperUI v3 Theme for MI Phones with HyperOS Boot Animation

real x legacy

HyperUI is one of the new and latest Xiaomi Themes inspired by the new HyperOS by Xiaomi. We all know the Xiaomi phones (MI 12 Series and Newer) & Redmi Phones (Redmi 12/Note 12 series and newer), and upcoming phones are only eligible for the HyperOS Updates. So, if your device is not listed in the Roadmap of HyperOS, then this HyperUI Theme for MI may be one of the mind-staying Themes for you.

Here, as of now, this Theme comes with the second update. You can also download and apply the HyperUI v1 of this Theme. By prioritizing the HyperOS boot animation during the restart of this Phone, it makes as one of the perfect to see.

Besides, here you will get the Changes over the lockscreen. In the lock screen, you will see the Pixel Style lock screen with Time widgets. Also, there are minimal changes over the control center of the Phone.

As more in this MIUI Theme, you will get quite customized changes over the settings menu. With the color border and saturation of the settings icon, it looks dynamic and refreshing. Besides these, the rest of the features are the same. 

theme miui

Not much awesome but it’s one of the perfect and refreshing Themes you can download for MIUI Phones. Main, the Xiaomi HyperOS Boot animation gets changes, which makes it one of the Best Themes for MIUI. 

HyperUI v3 MIUI Theme Download Links

2. OCircle UI Theme for MIUI with Dynamic Icons and Lockscreen

themes for miui

Searching for something refreshing and new? If yes, then try this new MIUI Theme for Xiaomi based on the Dynamic App Icons. If you are known about the Material_UI Theme then you are more likely to get more advance than that. Yes, here you will get more customization options and other cool features.

Sometimes, the Theme gives the vibes of the iOS too. So, here you must not be confused regarding this. Anyway, here, you will be able to enjoy a lot of customization options. At first, the Lockscreen of this Theme MIUI is decent. 

Also, the Home screen with a number of cool and inspiring widgets makes it to go with your Phone. Also, the App Icons are super and look dynamic and premium. With the cool shades to the shortcuts Apps drawer makes it more premium to your phones.

themes for mi

Similarly, the changes in the control centre of this Theme are really noticeable. I’m sure that you love the changes made by this Theme to your control center. Yes, it’s optimized and looks quieter and more eye-pleasing than the default Control centre. 

Again, getting back to the Lockscreen, here you will be able to add the customized widgets of different features easily. Overall, if you love Dynamic App Icons with a number of widgets and a Cool lock screen, then try one of the Best Themes for MIUI, OCircle_UI.

Ocircle UI MIUI Theme Download Links

3. Phone XR BD v2 Themes for MIUI with iOS Style & Amazing Lockscreen

themes for miui

Are you tired of using a number of iOS themes for MIUI? If yes then here I have mentioned the new and cool iPhone Theme for MIUI, which is totally refreshing than your before iPhone MIUI Themes. No doubt, it’s one of the Best MIUI Themes on my list in this current phase.

In this iPhone Theme for MIUI, we will get something new as compared to the outdated previous iOS MIUI Theme. Here, we can find the amazing lock screen, which is fully customizable based on your requirements. 

Yes, here you can easily set the different clock widgets on your Lockscreen on the Phone. Based on your requirements, you will be able to add the Different faces of the watch as in your Smartwatch (Called watch face).

theme miui

Similarly, it’s also a Charging Animation Theme. Yes, here you will get the charging animation while charging the Phone, which looks precious and premium. Also, like on most of the themes, you will be able to open the Camera and Dialer Shortcut from this iPhone theme, too.

Additionally, the Home screen is also fully customizable with app widgets, cool-inspired app Icons, and many more.

Phone XR BD v2 MIUI Theme Download Links

4. Azure Velocity Theme for MI with Dynamic Lockscreen

theme for mi

Azure Velocity MI Theme is a simple Minimal theme with some remarkable changes over the Lockscreen. Here in this Theme, you can able to make custom changes on the lock screen easily with the Pixel inspired widgets. This Theme comes with remarkable changes over the status bar icons and the round-shaped app menus on the lock screen.

Here, this Theme MIUI has a customized lock screen where you will be able to add custom Time widgets. Also, you can add the Temperature widgets on it. With these all here, you will be able to add the small date panel and other minor required widgets to the lock screen.

With these all here, you will be able to add the Clock and time widgets to the Homescreen too. Inspired by the Pixel OS, you can place the different app widgets of the Pixel Phone too. Also, for me, the App cluster or App grouping is really surprising; it looks amazing.

themes of mi

Similarly, the changes in the status bar icons like battery, Operator Name, and other looks different. With these, you will see minor changes in the System UI and the control center of the Phone with this Theme for Xiaomi.

Azure Velocity MIUI Theme Download Links

5. Winter Day MIUI Theme with Refreshing Winter UI

themes for miui

By claiming this winter to make it special here, we have one of the Best Themes for MIUI. It’s one of the seasonal Themes we have picked for you to make your winter matchable with your Phones theme. Winter Day Xiaomi theme has cool app icons, which are likely green/white flavored and likely to snow.

Similarly, in this beautiful MI Theme, we can find a super cool lock screen. Yes, the lock screen is really amazing with the Time widget shown there. Also, the shortcut of Camera and MI Glance/Remote make it really easy, like before for the users.

theme miui

Also, the date and weather widget with the snow color really gives the vibes to the winter from inside your Phone too. Likewise, here, I like it app icons. The app icons of this Xiaomi Themes are really cool and mind-blowing.

Also, the minor changes over the control center look different and eye-catching. In fact, the color effect of this Theme is really amazing, making it one of the Best Xiaomi Themes on our list as of now.

With the rest of these, you will be able to see some other minor changes over the status bar, default app color effects, etc. 

Winter Day MI Theme Download Links

6. On the Road Xiaomi Minimal Theme with Cool Widgets

android mi themes fingerprint lock

If you love the widgets a lot, then it’s one of the Best MIUI themes featuring a number of cool app widgets. In this Theme MIUI, you will be able to add a number of custom app widgets to the Home and lock screen of the Phone. Based on the Minimal Theme here, you will able to add the inspiring widgets on the lock screen.

Similarly, the Home screen of this MIUI Theme is covered with tons of widgets. Yes, here you will be able to add the different app widgets that you like. Here, the cool date and time widgets, health status widgets, photo widgets, and other super widgets look more premium and beautiful to your Xiaomi Phones.

theme for mi

Also, the App Icons are now more trendy with the color effects and the support of Global App Icon Animations. Here, you will find the changes in the App icons, too. With these, all the control centers and status bars also look different.

The changes and background effects of the image on the system settings and the default apps like Messaging and Dialer make it a decent and amazing theme. 

On the Road MIUI Theme Download Links

7. SIYA RAAM v4 Themes MIUI with Lord Raam Animation & Inspiration

themes for miui

Fulling the home and lock screen the whole time in the name of God is now easy with this Theme. If you love the God images and want to get the cool aspiring themes then try this SIYA RAAM MIUI Themes for Xiaomi Phones. It’s one of the best for those who believe in God with the beautiful background image animation.

In this Theme, you will find the aspiring lockscreen with the decent time widget. Also, the date widgets and the small classic-type charging animation shown on the lock screen look decent. With these all, the Home screen of this Xiaomi Theme is packed with the god theme which is amazing for some of our Xiaomi fans.

Also, the app icons are minimal with the red color. The image background and placement of its effect over the Theme is really perfect and looks amazing, too. Mainly on the default and system of Xiaomi, you will get the proper effect of this Theme.

theme for mi

Moreover, the minimal changes in the Status bar, the app scrolling, the control center, and the proper background in the chants and settings make it one of the Holy themes for MIUI. Okay, here we are not promoting any specific religion.

SIYA RAAM v4 MIUI Theme Download Links

8. Unikalen Themes for MIUI with customized Lockscreen

real x legacy

Now, the preference for lockscreen themes is more than other themes for MIUI. So, here we have mentioned another best lock screen MIUI Themes featuring a number of customizable features in the lock screen. This lock screen Theme MIUI has a number of pre-customized features, so you will be able to enjoy it without customization, too.

Anyway, here we can find the number of customizable options to use. At first, the bigger size time widget placed on the lock screen looked great. Yes, the bigger size time widget is on the mid. The lock screen is perfect to see.

Also, the small round icons of the time, weather, date, and other forecasts make it more special as a Lockscreen theme. Also, the day and date panel placed just below to the Lockscreen is really mentionable. 

themes for miui

With these, you will be able to add more widgets to the lock screen easily. Based on your requirements, you will be able to give the revamped UI Experience with this Unikalen Themes MIUI.

Similarly, the inside lock screen settings help to make effective customization to your lock screen easily. While the rest of the specs of this Theme are not amazing, you will still get a refreshing experience than your default MIUI Themes.

Unikalen MIUI Theme Download Links

9. Pixel Blaster Pro Themes for MI with Pixel Experience

theme miui

Do you love the Pixel UI of Google? Definitely, most of us love the Pixel Phone UI based on Pure Android called Stock Android. So, to fulfill the taste of the Pixel Phone UI you can try this Pixel Blaster Pro Theme in your Xiaomi Phones. Inspired by the Pixel UI OS, this MIUI Theme comes with some features of Pixel Phones.

Here, you will get the well-customizable lock screen as on pixel Phones. Also, the lock screen is customizable based on the different watch faces and other color options. Also, the clock design is changeable easily.

With these all, you will be able to add the other custom widgets on the lock screen easily. Also, the Home screen of this Theme looks great, and does a good try to give the Pixel look out on your Xiaomi MIUI Phones.

themes miui

Also, the system settings’ color effects look as natural as on Pixel Phones with this MIUI Theme. Additionally, the changes and Stock Android effect on the control center and Defualt apps make it one of the Best Xiaomi Themes in our list.

Pixel Blaster Pro MIUI Theme Download Links

10. Relax Legacy Android MI Themes Fingerprint Lock with Charging Animation

theme for mi

We never miss our superhero in MIUI Themes World; it’s Realx Legacy. Realx Legacy Theme is one of our all time winner themes for Xiaomi in every specs. This is one of the most premium themes for MIUI, featuring almost all the requirements of the majority of Xiaomi fans and users.

Here we can find the Fingerprint Lock on the Display. Yes, the Phone features the Optical Under Display fingerprint Scanner on the lock screen. But let me be clear that it’s just a placement of a fingerprint, so it works only on a Phone supporting the Optical under Display fingerprint.

As of now, the latest Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Series and Xiaomi 13 Series and newer are going to support this optical sensor. So, here I mean, you will be able to just show up as Optical under Display in your Phone with this premium Realx Legacy Download.

real x legacy

Besides, the Charging Animation looks premium and works perfectly. For me, the charging animation shown while charging on this Phone is really amazing. The blinking of fire on the round corner looks and gives decent vibes,

Also, the control center is quite affected by the white color on this Theme. Also, the app icons are somehow inspired by the Oxygen OS Theme. With these, too, it looks more premium and amazing. 

Relax Legacy MIUI Theme Download Links


Xiaomi Themes are the best way to customize the MIUI and HyperOS Phones. With these Beautiful Themes for MIUI, you will be able to make decent changes and explore the new experience by leaving the boring looks on your Phone. So, here we have tried our best with the short research and findings to give the latest list and recommendations of the Best MIUI Themes for you.

We hope you will like these MIUI Themes and keep on visiting us as usual to support us. We are always here to hear your comments. 

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