Best In-Display Fingerprint Theme Download for MIUI

in display fingerprint theme download

Are you searching for In Display Fingerprint Theme for Xiaomi? If yes, here’s the best In-Display Fingerprint Animation Download link. Finding the best android mi phone themes fingerprint is one of the best ways to customize your Xiaomi MIUI.

The Optical In-Display Fingerprint Theme looks impressive and cool and gives a premium experience to any phone. So, here’s the best In Display MI Phone Themes Fingerprint to download and apply now.

Best In-Display Fingerprint Theme Download for MIUI

If you want to add a custom or virtual fingerprint theme for MIUI, then the Realx Legacy and New Oxy Era themes are the best options. With these premium Android MIUI Phone Themes Fingerprints, you can customize your Xiaomi Phones.

New Oxy Era

new oxy era theme fingerprint download

New Oxy Era Theme is one of the best In-Display Fingerprint Theme for MIUI. This Fingerprint Theme Lock has a decent fingerprint scanner that quickly opens the Phone. 

We can also find an attractive and shiny fingerprint scanner on the lock screen with a charging animation. Besides, the home screen of this MIUI Theme looks impressive with the refreshing wallpapers and App Icons.

Realx Legacy

realx legacy theme download

Realx Legacy Theme for MIUI is a compatible MIUI Theme for Xiaomi Phones. This In Display Fingerprint Theme Download has a fantastic lock screen where optical In-Display Fingerprint is placed.

With the fingerprint of your hand, it can unlock the Phone easily. Also, the AI-based scanner looks premium on any MIUI Phone. The charging animation showing the battery percentage on the lock screen is inspiring.

Overall, Realx Legacy Theme Download is another best In Display MIUI Theme. It’s a unique theme that gives the best User Experience.

Realme Legacy

realme legacy theme download

For In-Display Fingerprint Theme Download, we have also included the Realme Legacy Theme. It’s one of the premium free Themes for MIUI based on the realmeUI Experience.

Yes, this In-Display Fingerprint Animation theme has the best composition of the features. Here we can find an attractive optical under-display fingerprint scanner. Also, it has the same attractive Charging Animation Theme as on realX Legacy MIUI Theme.

Besides, there are noticeable changes in the App Icon of the Theme. You can get the realmeUI Phone’s Experience in your MIUI. Overall, it’s among the Best MIUI Themes based on the In-Display Fingerprint Theme.



OriginFTW in Display Fingerprint Theme has well-customized pre-made widgets. We can find several app widgets in this Android MI Themes Fingerprint Lock to make your Home screen awesome.

Besides, we can get the best Fingerprint Scanner for the lock screen. Yes, it has an impressive fingerprint scanner to unlock the phone instantly. Also, we get the charging animation while plugging the Phone into the charging.

Similarly, we can notice the changes in its UI and control centre. Also, the App Icons of this Mi Phone Themes Fingerprint are unique and attractive. Origin FTW Theme is another beautiful In Display Fingerprint Theme Download for your Xiaomi UI.

Ronix MIUI

ronix miui theme

Ronix UI Theme is another immersive and impressive Mi Phone Themes Fingerprint. In this Ronix MIUI Theme, we can find the best and most well-optimized User Experience. Here’s the best, outfitted optical in-display fingerprint to easily unlock the Phone.

Similarly, in this In Display Fingerprint Animation Theme, we can find the attractive Lockscreen. On the lock screen, there’s an excellent fingerprint scanner. Also, we can find Attractive charging animation like other best Android MIUI Fingerprint themes.

Overall, Ronix Theme for MIUI is one of the best in Display fingerprint theme download based on your MIUI. You can get the Ronix UI In-Display Fingerprint Theme Download Link to apply and customize.


To simplify the customization of your Xiaomi Phones, we have mentioned the 5 Best In-Display Fingerprint Theme Download Links for you. These best android mi phone themes fingerprint lock will customize your Phone easily.

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