Best Android Mi Themes Fingerprint Lock for MIUI

android mi themes fingerprint lock

If you are a Xiaomi user, you can customize your Phones. With MIUI, you can easily customize the free MIUI Themes. Yes, here we will mention the Best Android MI Themes Fingerprint Lock for your Xiaomi Phones.

Xiaomi Phones are always top in terms of customization. Compared to other Custom UI Phones, the Xiaomi Phones have a well-customizable UI called MIUI. Here we have mentioned the MI Phone Themes Fingerprint to personalize.

Why MI Phone Themes Fingerprint?

Xiaomi MIUI themes are highly customized with the changes in different features. Compared to other themes, the Android MI Theme Fingerprint Lock is better to personalize and give an impressive look to your Xiaomi Phones.

All of the Xiaomi Phones support the Themes to Download and Apply. Due to this, you will quickly get the Mi Phone Theme Fingerprint experience. Today, we will mention the best Fingerprint Theme Download Link for your Xiaomi Phones. You can also enjoy these themes in GB WhatsApp fingerprint lock

7 Best Android MI Themes Fingerprint Lock for Xiaomi (POCO, MI, and Redmi)

Finding the Best MIUI Theme includes many options of Theme for Xiaomi. But today, here we are going to share these well-customized, impressive, and best android miui theme fingerprint locks to download and apply right now,

New Oxy Era Android MI Fingerprint Lock with Charging Animation

new oxy era

New Oxy Era Theme is one of the most beautiful and impressive themes for MIUI. This mi phone theme fingerprint has the impression of oxygenOS by Oneplus. Yes, here you can get the OxygenOS Experience. Similarly, it has Impressive App icons, widget changes, and other features.

Coming to the Fingerprint, we can find the impressive Optical Under Display Fingerprint sensor on this Theme. After applying this New Oxy Era Theme Fingerprint, you can quickly unlock your Phone with the Fingerprint.

Also, you can set the location of the Fingerprint with the easy lock screen customization tools. Besides this best Android Mi Theme Fingerprint Lock has the charing Animation too. It’s one of the Best Charging Animation Themes for MIUI too.

With these all, we can get cool charging animation and refreshing wallpapers. Also, you can notice the changes in the Home Screen with the app widgets on your Xiaomi Phones.

As more, there are some changes in the color effects, control center, and other minor features. New Oxy Era Theme Fingerprint Download is the best choice to customize your Xiaomi MIUI.

realX Legacy Android Themes Fingerprint Lock with OxygenOS UI

realx legacy

realX Legacy Download, it’s one of the best and most amazing Themes for MIUI based on the realmeUI. Yes, here we get the realme UI experience. Also, the app icons of this android mi theme fingerprint lock are inspired by Pixel Theme.

Similarly, we got the impressive Charging Animation Theme for MIUI on this Theme. This Realx Legacy Theme features the premium charging Animation while your Phone gets into Charging.

Also, we can find an optical under-display fingerprint on this Theme that looks impressive. So, with this, you can easily unlock the phones. Besides, you can customize or set the Fingerprint placement using the easy shortcuts from the lock screen.

After these, all Realx Legacy Fingerprint Theme includes the changes in your system functionality too. You can notice changes in its app features, icons, control center, etc.

Overall, the realx legacy theme download is one of the best MIUI themes based on Fingerprint. It’s one of the best Mi Phone Themes Fingerprint (Fingerprint Theme Download).

Realme Legacy Android MI Themes Fingerprint Lock with Charging Animation

realme legacy theme download

Realme Legacy Theme is another best Android MIUI Theme Fingerprint Locks for your Xiaomi Phones. Like on the Realx Legacy Theme Download, you can also find almost the same features here.

If you are still looking for the best alternative MIUI Theme (MI Theme Fingerprint Lock), then Realme Legacy Theme Download Link is for you. No more changes, but you can find excellent and premium Experience on Realx Theme.

Similarly, here you get an Inbuilt Realme Legacy Wallpaper that features to customize your phones easily. As of these, we can find the realmeUI app icons and the under-display Fingerprint to unlock the phone quickly.

It’s one of the best under-display fingerprint themes by Xiaomi based on the custom skin. Besides, you can find the changes on the notification bar (minor changes on the icons and color effects). Also, you have the Charging Animation while charging. That’s impressive (realme legacy themes).

Ronix Theme

ronix theme download

Ronix MIUI Theme is one of the most popular android mi themes fingerprint locks featuring the optical under-display Fingerprint. Like other best mi phone themes Fingerprint, you can find impressive Charging Animation.

Also, the Ronix Fingerprint Theme has impressive and cool app icons. Yes, the Ronix MIUI Theme Download app icon packs are excellent. Here you can notice the changes on each app icon.

Similarly, we made minor changes to the control center and color skins. Likewise, this Ronix Theme Fingerprint Download has personalized icons that make changes over the status bar icons, including your battery icons, network icons, etc.

At last, if you are searching for an excellent android mi fingerprint lock (MI Phone Themes Fingerprint), then Ronix MIUI Theme is for you.



Origin FTW Theme is different than other android miui theme fingerprint locks. Here we can find the Charging Animation and under-display Fingerprint on the Phone. Besides these, we can notice app icons, widgets, and many more changes.

We can find an impressive Charging animation in this beautiful mi phone theme fingerprint. Yes, the Charging Animation looks excellent and impressive. Also, the optical under-display Fingerprint works fine.

Here the Phone gets unlocked with the Fingerprint by just tapping and holding on to it. Also, the bleaching of the Fingerprint while unlocking the Phone looks impressive and enjoyable. Besides, the number of pre-made app widgets and direct access to the features make it one of the best android miui theme fingerprint locks.

Overall, OriginFTW Theme is one of the cool and best Themes for MIUI. This MIUI Theme can be applied easily to get several widgets. If you love the widgets to place on your Home Screen, then you can get the Origin FTW Theme Download Link here.

CoolX UI

coolx ui android mi themes fingerprint lock

With some classical icon packs, this MIUI Theme features the dark UI experience. If you love the Dark MIUI Theme, you can download CoolX UI Theme to your Phone. In this Theme, we can find the changes in the many features.

Primarily, this Coolx UI Theme features impressive always-on-display features. Yes, with its black home and lock screen, you can also take care of your Phone’s battery. After these, it has the best fingerprint sensor.

Comparatively, Coolx UI is one of the best Android MI Themes Fingerprint Lock with a premium and impressive fingerprint sensor. Here we can find the moon icon fingerprint panel over the dark screen, and it’s a premium experience for you.

Besides, there are some changes to the system layout. Similarly, you can notice the changes in the control center shortcuts and their color effects. Also, these Fingerprint Theme Download app icons are impressive and unique.

Love Feel Theme Fingerprint

love feel theme fingerprint

Love Feel Fingerprint is the simple Minimalist MIUI Theme for Xiaomi. You can find minimal changes in overall features in this MI Phone Themes Fingerprint. It’s one of the lightweight Android MI Themes Fingerprint Lock for MIUI.

In this Android MI Themes Fingerprint Lock, you can find an attractive Romantic couple feeling the love on the lock screen. Over the lock screen, there’s the Optical Under Display Fingerprint from where you can unlock the phones.

Besides, the app icons differ from your Limitless MIUI Theme and Classic MIUI Theme. Also, this Love Feel Themes Fingerprint is based on the Dark UI. Overall, it’s another best Android MI Fingerprint Lock for Xiaomi Phones.


Finding the Best MIUI Themes based on the Android MI Fingerprint Lock is one of the easiest methods after getting this. Here we shared the 5 Best Android MI Themes Fingerprint Lock for Xiaomi MIUI.

You can download and apply these MI Phone Theme Fingerprints once based on your Xiaomi Phones. As all of the android miui theme fingerprint locks are mentioned with the direct store and MTZ File download link, you can easily Install it.

This best MI Theme Fingerprint Lock will help to personalize your MIUI. You can also download other Themes Redmi and Xiaomi MIUI Themes.

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