18 Best Realme UI Theme Download for Realme Phones in 2024

realme ui theme download

Realme Themes are the best way to customize any Realme and OPPO Phones. Today, we will share with you the best Realme UI theme download. You can easily customize any Realme UI Phone with these best Realme themes. There are several themes for Realme to download for free.

If you are a Realme lover, here are the best Realme themes. From many collections of themes for realme (realme UI Theme), today we will share the best ones.

What are Realme Themes?

Realme theme is the custom skin for the Realme Phones. After the independent sub-brand from OPPO, all the Realme phones have revealed this Custom UI. It’s an official custom UI of the Realme Phones.

You can find the Realme UI Theme on all the phones by Realme. Previously, some phones from Realme were operated under ColorOS by OPPO.

Currently, all the Realme phones run on the Realme UI Theme. In short, Realme Theme is the customized version of the official Android skin of Realme Smartphones.

It’s a custom UI experience, as on other smartphones. Like OneUI by Samsung, MIUI by Xiaomi, and FuntouchOS by Vivo, it’s a custom theme by Realme.

18 Best Realme UI Theme Download to Customize Your Realme Phones in 2024

After finding the best Realme themes, it’s time to get the other best theme, Realme UI. Here, we have mentioned the list of all the best Realme theme downloads (realme theme store). Check out these best Realme UI theme downloads.

1.    Dark Liner UI

realme theme store

Dark Linear UI is one of the best Realme themes based on dark mode. If you love the dark animation theme, then definitely it’s one of the best Realme theme downloads for you. This theme is based on a completely dark user interface.

In this Realme UI theme, you can find the optimized Dark Mode, which is impressive. Also, with the highlighted Charging Animation, this theme is perfect. As it’s based on the dark UI, you will find it best and well-optimized for the dark Experience.


2.    Gradient OS Realme UI

realme theme store mod apk

This theme for Realme comes with a unique lock screen design. Here, you can find a decent and impressive lock screen layout. Yes, with the best lock screen theme for Realme, you will get an impressive experience.

Besides, it’s a unique lock screen; you can get the best design. With the KWGT style setup, you will get an optimized user experience for free. Gradient OS is one of the best themes for Realme.

With all the changes in the messaging app, the notification panel is noticed with this amazing theme. In short, it’s another one of the best Realme UI theme downloads with improved UI design.


3.    Oxygen Pro Global

oneplus theme for realme

Oxygen Pro Global is one of the improved and well-optimized UIs for your Realme phones. It comes with a completely new look and features the most improved Experience.

As it’s based on the Oxygen OS, you can find better options to get customized. Similarly, its unique Experience with the lock screen change is impressive.

After these, you get the Oneplus phone experience in it. Here, we get an impressive and optimized panel for the settings, message app, and lock screen.


4.    CloudX Dark Theme

theme realme

As the name suggests, it’s also one of the dark realm themes. Yes, it’s also a dark theme for your Realme UI theme. As it’s based on dark mode, it’s compatible with your Realme and Oppo phones.

In this theme, we will get multiple lock screen styles. It features multiple options and widgets to change the phone’s lock screen. Besides, it’s a unique design theme for the best UI experience.

After all, it has a refreshing look with optimized performance. Also, we get unlimited features to customize the phone with decent widgets, notification bars, etc.


5.    Funtouch OS 11

oneplus theme for realme

Based on Oxygen OS, this theme is best for the smooth Experience of the Oneplus phone in your Realme. Yes, it’s one of the best one-plus themes for Realme. If you want to experience the Oneplus UI, it’s the free Realme theme for the best UI. 

Like other themes, this theme is magnificent, making changing your phone’s layout possible. Here, we get the Cool UI elements that are impressive.

Also, the changes on the notification panel, dialer pad, and messaging app with the normal effect are good to see. Also, in this Oneplus Theme For Realme UI, you will get the new design App Icons. We have listed it as one of the Realme UI theme downloads based on OxygenOS.


6.    iPhone 13 Pro Max Dark

ios theme for realme ui

Want an iPhone theme for Realme? If yes, then explore this iPhone 13 Pro Max Dark theme. This theme comes with new features. It’s an iOS Theme for Realme UI with the most impressive design. Here, you get the best User experience for the phone.

Also, it’s a dark-mode theme. Over the iPhone theme, you will also experience dark mode. In short, it’s one of the best Realme themes for free download.

Coming to the features of this iOS Theme for Realme, you will get several changes. At first, there were changes in the UI and layout. Also, you get a change in App icons. In short, you can explore an iPhone experience in your Realme UI Theme Phone.


7.    Beautiful Sky 

realme themes free download

Beautiful Sky is one of the best themes for Realme UI. This is an amazing theme that offers a cool lockscreen design. Here, you can find the multiple card layout to customize the lock screen of your Realme phone.

Besides, you can find the changes in the different elements of the phone, like the Dialer and Notification panel. Also, you can find unique app icons and other minimal changes in the overall system UI.

Beautiful Sky is another highly rated best minimal theme for Realme UI. You get this theme with the optimized UI and have the changes over your phone experience.


8.    Gradient UI

gradient ui realme themes

Gradient UI is that awesome Realme theme featuring the improved UI. It’s a fully well-customized Realme theme that is a free download. You can download this minimal Realme theme for free.

Here, we get the awesome look of the theme. The changes in the Lockscreen charging animation look impressive. Also, you get a colorful and attractive widget panel to customize your Realme phones.

After these, you will get an attractive control center. Yes, the control center of the phone looks impressive. Also, the overall changes of the theme look perfect on your Realme phones.


9.    HarmonyOS Dark Theme

harmony os android 12 theme for realme

Another dark theme for your Realme Phone is HarmonyOS. The HarmonyOS theme for Realme UI looks impressive. Compared to other themes, we can’t get enough customization options.

It’s a simple but attractive Dark theme for Realme featuring a Minimal design. Additionally, you get this theme with changes over the layout, a custom notification centre, and other features. You can get the realme ui theme download for your Realme Phones.


10.  Ubuntu Touch Theme

ubuntu touch theme store realme

If you want to explore the Android-based Ubuntu Experience, you can download this Realme theme. Yes, this attractive theme for Realme comes with an awesome design. Here, you get the new and optimized features with the best and most unique Experience.

As we know, Ubuntu is an open-source OS based on the Linux kernel. So, here, too, you will have an easy and customized theme experience. Compared to other realme themes (realme ui).

Similarly, the designer has integrated the elements in this theme to give the best Experience. You will get the change in the Home screen, Lock screen, and Notification panel here.


11.  OneUI 2.0

one ui theme for realme

One UI 2.0 is one of the best One UI Themes for Realme. This One UI theme comes with the Samsung Experience. Yes, here you will get the app icons of the Samsung phone.

If you want to explore the Samsung Phone experience, then OneUI 2.0 is for you. Here, you will get the changes in the Home and lock screen. The app icons of the Samsung phone look impressive in the Realme UI Theme phone. You can download this Realme UI theme to get the Samsung Phone App Icons, Widgets and Control Center.


12.  Experience OxygenOS

oneplus theme for realme

Experience OxyGenOS is another one of the best Oneplus Themes for Realme. This theme comes with the Oxygen UI. Like other oxygen OS themes for Realme, this theme has a well-optimized performance.

Also, with the minimal changes over the official UI here, you get the custom experience. Also, you have the new and stylish custom experience over your Realme Phone.

The theme features, the well-optimized performance, app icon, home screen changes, awesome UI experience, and overall performance.


13.  MIUI 12 v3

miui 12 realme themes free download

MIUI is one of the mobile industry’s most fantastic and well-customized themes. You will find better options to customize your Realme Phones than other custom UI.

So, with this MIUI v3, you will get the Xiaomi Phone experience. As the Xiaomi phones (Redmi, POCO, MI, and BlackShark) run on it, the same Experience can also be applied to your Realme Phones. In short, it’s one of the best MIUI themes for Realme.


14.  MIUI 11 

If you love the MIUI theme (Realme Theme Download), it’s for you. This MIUI Theme for Realme is well-optimized and works fine on your Realme Phone.

With this free Realme theme download, you can get the best-optimized Experience. Also, it’s a simple and minimal Realme UI theme. You can try it once for the best custom UI experience. It’s one of the best Free Themes for Realme users who love Xiaomi’s MIUI Skin.


15.  iOS 14

ios theme for realme

Searching for the iOS Theme for Realme UI? If yes, then try this iOS 14 iPhone Theme. It is one of the best iOS Themes for Realme UI. You can try this iPhone theme for Realme phones. In this theme, you will get an iPhone Experience. With the impressive iPhone looks, seeing your Realme phones is greatits.

Also, here you get the well-optimized Home experience. Besides, the lock screen of the phone also looks impressive. As more, here, you get changes in the icon pack and notification panel.


16.  Pixel Q

google pixel theme for realme

Pixel Q is the official Google Theme for Realme. Try this if you want to experience your phone’s clean UI. Pixel Q is a well-optimized and lightweight Realme UI theme download (theme for Realme) that works fine on any Realme phone.

As it’s based on Google’s stock Android, you get a clean and fast user experience. This Pixel Theme for Realme UI is light and impressive compared to other Realme themes.

This theme for Realme features the stock Android app icon and home screen with an attractive but simple notification panel. Overall, it’s one of the best Realme themes you can try now.


17.  Green UI

green ui theme for realme

As the name suggests (Realme Theme Store), you can download this theme for the attractive green layout. Yes, this Realme theme download comes with an attractive green home layout.

Here, you get the green colour app icon pack and other changes in the phone. It has a notification panel with impressive colour combinations. As more, we get the changes in the wallpaper and other features.

All these Green Realme Themes come with a clean and minimal green background. Likewise, here, you get an impressive new minimal design that’s your phone.


18.  AOSP

realme themes

This is an Oxygen OS Theme for Realme UI. With this Oxygen OS theme, you can find better ways to customize your phone. Here, you will get the best Experience of Oneplus features.

Yes, it has well-optimized features (theme for Realme) and gives you the realistic experience of a Plus phone. Here, it has a new and attractive home screen layout. Also, the changes in the Home and lock screen can be noticed.



We have already made a post regarding the Best Realme Themes for your Realme UI Phones. Besides these, we have mentioned the Best Realme UI Theme Download for your Realme Phones to get a decent experience in 2024. We have listed some of the best iOS themes for Realme, such as the OneUI theme for Realme, the Minimal Realme UI theme, and many more free themes for Realme UI. 

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