5 Best MIUI iOS Theme for Xiaomi MIUI and HyperOS Phones

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iOS Theme MIUI are the best way to customize and give the iPhone experience to your Xiaomi Phones. Suppose you love the iOS Experience of the iPhone. In that case, you are at the right place with your intent to find out the Best MIUI iOS Theme for your Xiaomi MIUI & HyperOS Phones. Based on its features and iPhone iOS Effect, we have mentioned the topmost and best MIUI iPhone Theme here.

Best iOS Theme features several customizable options, including the presets widgets as on the iPhone. So, due to this, we have to find out the themes featuring the iPhone-style Outlook UI, including the other Home and Lockscreen features. 

Best MIUI iOS Themes for Xiaomi MIUI & HyperOS

To make it easy to find the Best iOS Theme MIUI, we have bounded the recommedndations based on certain criteria. We have some of the Best iPhone Themes for MIUI, which are amazing and give the most of the iPhone Experience in your Xiaomi Phones.

Similarly, every iPhone Theme Mentioned here is great in terms of customization and Theme features. Also, these Themes are mostly inspired by the iOS theme to make it more attractive, beautiful, and lightweight functioning.

xXx MIUI iPhone Theme with iOS Style Design

xXx is the first Theme from iOS from our list featuring better app widgets and a pure iPhone-style lock screen. Inspired by the iPhone UI, you will get the most attractive shortcut widgets on the phone’s Lockscreen. Here, it features the Clock widgets with the battery and other round-style date and weather panels.

Also, the two shortcuts of Camera and Flashlight on the down of the lock screen make it easy to access the features on your Xiaomi Phones. Besides, the App widgets are available enough to add and give a revamped look to your Xiaomi Phones.

Similarly, the App icons are inspired by the iOS App icon but not totally. At the same time, the functioning features are different and best seen with the shortcuts and the iPhone-style Volume Control Panel. The Phone also features Charging Animation and many custom Time Animations on the lock screen.

TEIK V2 iOS 11 Theme with Charging Animation for MIUI & HyperOS

TEIK v2 is another best iOS Themes MIUI featuring the Cool iPhone experience in your Xiaomi Phones. Here, we can find the well-customizable features that make it one of the best Xiaomi Themes. At first, the lock screen of this Theme is awesome, featuring the attractive Clock widgets.

Besides, the App Icons are also awesome, featuring the Dynamic Island. Additionally, like on the xXx MIUI Theme, here too, we can find the two shortcuts of Camera and Flashlight on the down of the lock screen, adding easy-to-access features to your Xiaomi Phones. Besides, the App widgets are available enough to add and give a revamped look to your Xiaomi Phones.

Additionally, from the Lockscreen, you can customize and add the customizable Clock widgets, which are awesome. Also, the Charging Animation and the Shortcut based on iOS Look great on your Phone.

Bozkurt_2 MIUI iOS Theme for HyperOS & MIUI

Bozkurt_2 is the Simple MIUI iOS Theme for Xiaomi Phones. This Theme has a Simple iPhone style design with the iPhone-inspired App Icon packs. Also, the number of widgets from the Clock and Weather make it easy to give the revamped experience to the Phones. 

This iOS Theme MIUI has a Minimal effect on the Home screen and the System Icons. Also, it will be able to make changes to the Control Center and many more. 

ApMax iOS Theme MIUI with Dynamic Island for HyperOS

Ap Max MIUI iOS Theme for Xiaomi features the Dynamic Island. We know the New features of the iPhone ‘Dynamic Island’ are useful and look amazing. With this, you will get the notification from the camera notch of the Phone. So, here, too, you will get on your Xiaomi MIUI & HyperOS.

Also, the Home and Lockscreen of your Xiaomi looks more like to iPhone with this Theme. So, here you will get the amazing iPhone-style wallpaper on the lock screen with the clock widgets and the Camera and Flashlight Shortcuts.

Besides, it features several Widgets to fill up your Home screen with several App features. Yes, the customization will be the best on this Phone with this beautiful MIUI iPhone Theme.

AP 18 Pro M14 MI Theme with Customizable Widgets for MIUI & HyperOS

AP 18 Pro is not the pure iOS Theme MIUI. It’s a mixture of different custom skin. But still, the main reason to include it in this list is based on its iPhone App widgets. Yes, here you will get the number of App Widgets more likely to be the iPhone App Widgets.

Besides the Lockscreen of this theme, Charging Animation looks pretty good. Also, the Clock widget is good on this Theme, showing the day and date below, including the weather report. Additionally, like on other iPhone themes for Xiaomi, you will get the Camera and Flashlight for the Lockscreen shortcut.

Likewise, the App icons are not asas natural as on other iPhone themes. The App Icons are mostly refined from the iPhone App Icons, which may depend on your choice.


That’s all about the Best MIUI iOS Themes for Xiaomi and HyperOS for this phase. Based on your availability, we will update the other best iOS Theme, MIUI in the upcoming days. 

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