New Oxy Era Theme Fingerprint Download for Xiaomi Phones

new oxy era theme fingerprint download

The OxygenOS Theme inspires New Oxy Era Theme by Oneplus. If you are searching for a fantastic android mi themes fingerprint lock for MIUI Phones, then the oxy era theme is for you. This amazing MIUI Theme features many pre-personalized options to make your Phone look impressive.

Want to experience like Oneplus Phone in your Xiaomi Phones? If yes, the new oxy era fingerprint theme fingerprint download is for you. It’s a unique and fantastic mi display fingerprint theme to apply.

New Oxy Era Theme

Oxy Era Theme features the best UI experience. Based on the OxygenOS of Oneplus, we can find a smooth and fast experience. Also, its unique lock screen with a fingerprint is excellent to see.

Besides, in this mi phone theme fingerprint, we can find beautiful charging Animation too. Also, this MIUI Theme looks premium with impressive app icons.

New Oxy Era MIUI Theme Fingerprint for Xiaomi Phones

Oxy Era Theme is a beautiful in-display fingerprint theme download for your Xiaomi Phones. In this android mi theme fingerprint lock, we can find the optical under-display fingerprint and impressive charging Animation.

This unique fingerprint theme works fine on your MIUI Phone. Unlocking your MIUI Phones with this optical under-display fingerprint can be easy. Also, we can find impressive charging Animation.

Besides these, the new oxy era theme fingerprint download features unique App Icons. Inspired by the Oxygen OS, we can find highly magnified app icons, which are impressive.

Also, the control center of this Theme is excellent. We can notice some changes in the control centre. The color effects of this android mi fingerprint lock are sound.

Overall, You don’t need to worry about the new oxy era theme app; you can easily experience this Theme in your MIUI too. Just get the new oxy-era theme link to apply this Theme. It’s a beautiful and premium MIUI theme.  

Features of New Oxy Era Theme

In this mi theme fingerprint lock, we can notice the changes in its UI. It’s based on OxygenOS, so we can find this MIUI Theme lightweight and well-customized. Here are the same features of the New Oxy Era Wallpaper Theme Fingerprint,

  • Impressive Optical Under Display Fingerprint
  • Charging Animation looks impressive
  • Changes over the App Icons (OxygenOS App Icons)
  • Refreshing New Wallpapers
  • Ios Inspiration in the Music Widgets of Lockscreen
  • Changes over the status bar icons (Network Icons, Battery Icons)
  • Minor Color Changes on the Control Center
  • Based on the OxygenOS by Oneplus

New Oxy Era Theme Download

You can download this beautiful mi phone themes fingerprint based on OxygenOS. Here’s the New Oxy Era MI Theme Link,

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